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We will email you a very detailed Profile Form regarding your personal situation and educational goals. This form may take as long as 30 minutes for you to complete, so do not request the form if you are not very serious about getting the very best potential opportunities in online higher education. This service is absolutely free of charge to you!

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts
Applied Psychology
Biblical Studies
Business Administration
Criminal Justice
Elementary Education
Health Administration
Human Services

Bachelor of Science
Emergency Services Management
Organizational Management
Pastoral Ministries
RN-BS in Nursing

Master of Arts
Business Administration
Christian Studies
Health Administration
Music Education
Organizational Leadership
Public Administration
Sports Administration

Master of Science
Construction Engineering & Mgmt
Criminal Justice
Engineering Management
Information System Security
Mining Engineering & Mgmt
Organizational Management

Students make two critical mistakes in selecting an institution of higher education:

  1. not matching their academic ability with the academic expectations of the institution
  2. paying too much for their college education

These mistakes result in far too many students “getting in over your head.”

This is why students:

  • get discouraged
  • feel over-whelmed
  • drop out
  • default on their student loans
  • destroy their credit

How do you avoid these two critical mistakes – personal counseling, at no cost to you! Online bachelors and graduate degrees – we know where you find the best online education opportunities at the lowest possible cost!

Whether you are an adult returning to school or high school student beginning your college education – whether you are a “C” student or “the top of your class,” there is an online college or university program that perfectly  matches your circumstances and goals. We will help you identify quality online programs where you will be successful – at the very lowest cost!

The mission of Institutional Research & Evaluation Inc. is to identify exceptional educational opportunities deserving of recognition based on objective, measurable criteria. Our first and last concern has always been, is now and will always be that what we say is true, based on fact, without bias and serves the public interest.

Institutional Research & Evaluation Inc. provides very high quality, detailed information on college prospects to a very diverse group of colleges and universities, large and small, public and private, providing exceptional values in online higher education in a wide variety of programs and degrees. Let schools know you are seriously interest in the best opportunities in online higher education.

Institutional Research & Evaluation Inc. is an independent research and consulting organization specializing in the recruiting and retention of students for institutions of higher education. Consistent with its mission, and as a guide by which institutions may be compared, IR&E Inc. identifies the American colleges and universities providing students the very best opportunities in higher education.



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